About Shundeez

- A term of appreciation
        - Thank you
        - Just plain cool
          - Equivalent for “all good” or “lekka”

-  Local Durban/South African slang. The term can basically be used whenever you are proud/happy for someone for achieving something.

Mate 1: “Hey man, check this sweet Lego picture I took.”

Mate 2: “Bro, that’s shundeez!”

Shundeez started out as a little bit of fun that turned into a full blown obsession.

For the man behind the lens, it’s about connecting with his childhood, when life was simple and care free.
Shundeez embodies that idea and he can’t stop photographing it! Telling a story through a simple picture.
Using nature to create scenes is a passion and a challenge. Toy photography is a creative outlet and an escape from the mad rush of everyday life. It’s a reminder to not take life too seriously and to never stop having fun.